Where to Find Fingerlings In Stock (and other Hot Toys)

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Where to Find Fingerlings in StockFingerlings have been released for the holidays and they are selling out (not shocking). It is becoming harder and harder to find Fingerlings in stock. For those who haven’t been paying attention, Fingerlings are a popular handheld interactive toy that hit the shelves about a month ago. They quickly sold out at Amazon and other online retailers, but have been available so far in stores. The retail price of Fingerlings is $14.99 (except for the Amazon Rose Exclusive, which was $17.99). Amazon is currently selling a ton of fake Fingerlings, be sure to check out our post here on how to spot a fake. If you are a member of our Facebook Group, we have been posting Fingerlings and other popular toys like Luvabella as we see them in stock (they go quickly).

Where to Find Fingerlings In Stock (updated 11/1)

  • Now in stock at Best Buy! Grab Zoe, Bella, Sophie, or Mia!
  • Amazon – be sure that they are sold and shipped by Amazon so that you do not end up with a fake Fingerlings. Read more about fake Fingerlings here.
  •  Toys R Us
  • Walmart – Walmart also has 3rd party sellers, be sure Walmart is the seller before buying
    • The actual Walmart listing is here (sold out online, possibly available for store pickup)
    • NEW: Charlie Ombre (Turquoise to Green) sold here (sold out, possibly not loaded yet)
    • NEW: Ella Ombre (Melon to Green) sold here (sold out)
    • NEW: The Fingerlings sloth should be here by Christmas!
  • Gamestop
    • Fingerlings are here (sold out online and for pick-up)
    • Gamestop also opened an in-store Fingerlings sloths pre-order,  as well as pink and purple Fingerlings Unicorns for February. (I called mine to verify and they said you must go in person)
  • Target – Monkeys are only sold in store
    • Check Target here (monkey bar set available)
  • Local Retailers – Most big box stores will carry Fingerlings (Target, Kmart, etc). Finding them has been hit or miss.

Where to Find Luvabella In Stock (Retail Price: $99.99)

So far Luvabella has become easier to find – particularly the boy doll and blonde doll (they are rumored to be limited production). Though restocks sell out quickly, there have been a couple a day for all dolls except Luvabeau (who is rumored to be sold out)

  • Target availability is mixed! All three girl dolls are available here! (sold out online, may be available for store pick-up)
  • Toys R Us – so far TRU has been the best bet for finding Luvabella. You can check here to see if it is available for ship or store pick-up. They have been seen in quite a few stores as well
  • Amazon – Pre-orders coming in and out of stock all week. You can check here for all 3.

Where to Find L.O.L Big Surprise Doll In Stock (Retail Price: $69.99)

L.O.L Big Surprise Doll has gotten hard to find. According YouTube videos, the bigger ball has 10 accessory balls, 4 dolls and some  bath fizzes to total 50 pieces total.  The last know restock was in mid-October on Amazon. The L.O.L Big Surprise is sold at:

  • Amazon: Item is here.  SOLD OUT
  • Toys R Us: Located here. (Currently sold out, has been removed from site)
  • Walmart: L.O.L Big Surprise is sold here. (sold out)
  • Target does not currently mention L.O.L Big Surprise on the website at all. If available online, it should be here.

Where to Find Hatchimals Surprise In Stock (Retail: $69.99)

The new Hatchimals Surprise Eggs contain twins.  They have been fairly popular and at this point it is impossible to say if they will sell out or not. Most of the exclusives are out of stock online, but have been spotted in stores. Given last years issues, it is hard to say, but it is also possible as they are released that the reviews are better and the toy has improved pushing up the demand (especially since they are twins)

Be sure to bookmark this post as we will update regularly and add additional toys as they are released and gain popularity. As you prepare for the holidays, be sure to check out our posts on Holiday Books and Advent Calendars. Also be sure to join our Facebook Group Kidz Steals and Deals for up to date info on the most popular toys and the best holiday deals!

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