Noelle’s Picks for Top New Toys for the Holidays

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This post is sponsored by Walmart, where Noelle chose her favorite new toys to try out for the Holiday season. She selected each item and all opinions are our own (mostly hers).

To say that Noelle was excited to be able to pick out some of the newest toys to try out is an understatement. We poured through the New Toys section on Walmart.com. She picked a couple things out and ultimately wanted to head to the store to see a couple in person. Because Walmart.com often gets the newest toys before they’re available elsewhere, she couldn’t find everything she was looking for just yet, but she picked out a couple items that were available in store and we ordered the rest, all of which was delivered within 2 days – a couple items even arrived the following day. I’m loving how fast Walmart is shipping these days! Here are Noelle’s picks for top new toys for the holidays.

Tic Tac Toy XOXO Hugs 

Our family isn’t immune to YouTube by any means. While we have escaped Ryan and Jojo so far, Noelle watches Tic Tac Toy almost daily. She actually uses it to tell ME about toys I should pay attention to. The minute Noelle saw their new toy line, it was GAME OVER. She rattled on that she knew what to expect because the girls had already taken her through the process from Production to the final Product (which I actually liked – seems like the girls had a lot of input). She picked out a Tic Tac Toy XOXO Hugs Mystery toy. Given some of the other Kidfluencer product lines we’ve experienced, I was very skeptical, but these are great quality, soft plush animals. It’s not in the stuffed animal graveyard yet, so I would definitely buy again! Probably appropriate for kids as young as 4 (there are small pieces) up to 8 or 9 (Noelle is 7.5)

L.O.L Surprise Amazing Surprise

The L.O.L Surprise Amazing Surprise is likely to be one of the hottest toys of the 2019 Holiday season. We knew it was coming and I got super lucky when it popped up on Walmart.com a couple days before I was expecting the pre-sale! First of all, it’s HUGE (like 4 ft long). In terms of value, it includes 14 exclusive dolls – 2 O.M.G dolls, 3 Brothers, 3 Big Sisters, 4 Pets + 2 Lils. If they could be bought separately, the dolls alone would cost over $160 (L.O.L Surprise rarely has sales), not to mention the closet play sets and extras. There were over 70 “surprises” including a map to follow along with – her older brother Owen jumped in and they kinda moved toward “let’s just get it all open mode”. She hasn’t stopped playing with the dolls since – ESPECIALLY the OMG dolls – which are proving to be the most popular L.O.L Surprise toys of the holiday season so far. Both the Winter Disco OMG series and the original OMG dolls are getting pretty hard to find and are worth picking up when you see them in stock. We do post the restocks we catch on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Kids Steals + Deals Group (a great group of over 150K moms).

Cool Maker, GO GLAM Nail Stamper

I have to admit, this one made me CRINGE – I didn’t really pay attention at the beginning, I thought it was a nail salon with a nail dryer and I just saw nail polish. But I relented. BEST.DECISION.EVER! The Cool Maker, GO GLAM Nail Stamper is awesome! It comes with a cute little glittery storage bag and 5 different stampers. The stamps are like little decals and apply very easily and stay on. This might be my go-to birthday gift of 2019/2020! Broad age appeal – I could definitely see tweens thinking it was a lot of fun as well!

Cool Maker, KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

The KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker (retail $29.99, on sale for $19.99) was pretty high up on Noelle’s list. She and two of her best friends LOVE making Rainbow Loom bracelets, so I thought it would be fun for all of them to try out, so I grabbed 3 of them for them to put to the test. There was a bit of a learning curve, but as you can see above, they were able to easily make some pretty awesome bracelets! I loved how they all made one in the same colors – super cute!


The Blinger (retail $19.99, on sale for $16.88) was another new fashion toy that Noelle had seen on YouTube. Waves of the 90’s came flashing back as I shuddered at the horror of her “blinging” all.the.things. She even told me she needed a denim jacket. Well you will be happy to know that this Blinger is not the bracketed gems we were attaching to things – they are little gem stickers with decent adhesive. She still wants to bling all.the.things, but it’s fine, they easily come off. (You can also see the nails in the boomerang below)

Honorable Mentions

Aside from Noelle’s picks for the top new Toys for the Holidays

  • Descendants Dolls – With the new movie, the Descendants remain pretty popular for both the dolls and Halloween costumes. Noelle is holding out for the Singing Aubrey (currently out of stock), but the Mal doll she picked out is cute and good quality!
  • Blume Dolls – We did pick up a Blume Doll that she hasn’t opened yet. I have heard great things about them and Noelle did point out the Secret Surprise Garden, which I wish I had grabbed because they haven’t been easy to find!
  • Walmart Exclusive Boppi the Booty Shaking LlamaBoppi is a low investment ($19.99) novelty toy that has been getting great feedback. It looks cute and I actually have one stashed for Noelle’s birthday in November.
  • Little Live Pets Dancing Unicorn – Another interactive toy that has been getting some great press – we played around with it, but it seems to be for a bit younger than 8. The Walmart-Exclusives Shimmer & Sugardust have been in and out of stock. Retail is $19.99, if you see it listed for more, check to ensure that Walmart is the seller, otherwise it is not in stock.

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