A Battery Free Christmas

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Last Christmas, we tried something new. Instead of buying the hottest toys with flashing lights and loud sounds, we decided to go battery free.  We didn’t go crazy. While we told family and friends, we didn’t enforce the idea outside of our home. We weren’t trying to ban technology, rather create a play environment that fostered creativity and encouraged imagination.

Now we’re approaching another Holiday season and I wanted to share our top 5 finds:

  1. Plan Toys City

We already had a couple Thomas Wooden Railway sets, but I was looking for something a little broader.  I came across the Plan Toys City Road and Rail Roadway Set.

Battery Free Toys

Plan Toys Road and Rail Railway System






2. Plan Toys Parking Garage and Airport

We purchased these to go along with the Road Set.  My son loves both! The Airport leaves him buzzing around the room with planes taking off and landing while the Parking Garage


Battery Free Toys

Plan Toys Airport

Battery Free Toys

Plan Toys Parking Garage


3.  Maxim EverEarth Farmers Market

My daughter, 2 years old, was really into the play kitchen we had, so I wanted to get her a market to go along with it.  I found a great market by Maxim EverEarth.  The great part about this set is that it came with everything shown.  The crates are great for food storage and there were plenty of different kinds of food to make the kids happy.

Battery Free Toys

Maxim Everearth Market Stand


4.  Hape Playfully Delicious Shopping Cart

What market would be complete without a shopping cart? I looked at a number of different carts, but wanted to stick with our theme of wooden toys. This cart by Hape fit the bill.  Hape is know for their quality construction. My daughter loves pushing it from the market and for her it doubles as a baby carriage!

Hape Playfully Delicious Shopping Cart


5. Tegu

Tegu magnetic building blocks are made of tropical hardwoods in Honduras.  I bought these as a family gift.  They have even been a hit with my oldest (12 years old). The blocks come in a variety of shapes and have magnets at the end to stick together.  The boys have spent hours building tours taller than they are and constructing various vehicles using the add-on wheel sets.

Battery Free Toys

Tegu Tints

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