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It’s that magical time of the year! September to October is when the majority of the new toys for the Holidays are released. It is also when many retailers release their lists of the most popular toys. So far we have seen lists from Amazon, Target and Walmart. A quick google search brings up a bunch of articles from sites like Good Housekeeping declaring what the “hottest toy of 2018” will be and urging parents to scoop them up (Capitalizing on the Fingerlings craze last year). The strangest part is they are just so far off…

While we don’t necessarily know what THE hottest toy will be, we do have a good idea of the top contenders. I will tell you right now…Pomsies are NOT the hottest toy of 2018 (Check out our video, they don’t do much). Scruff-a-luvs are NOT the hottest toy of 2018 (Read the reviews, they’re awful). So what are the 2018 hottest toys? Which toys are already selling out right away? Which toys will be impossible to find for the holidays. What new toys have been released? How do you know what to jump on and what to pass on?

What we do know is that it’s the end of September and there are already some toys that have sold out and are very difficult to find. When we see them stock online, we always post on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Kids Steals & Deals Group. If you’re not a member, click here to join. As a quick reminder, there is a HUGE reseller market for popular toys. These resellers clear shelves in retail stores and mark up these toys significantly.  Always be sure when you buy something from Amazon or Walmart that you are buying items that are sold and shipped by Amazon/Walmart to avoid paying inflated prices and/or getting a counterfeit product.  It is our opinion that September is far to early to pay inflated reseller prices.

What are the 2018 Hottest Toys

The three largest retailers have released their lists and you can check them out below along with my thoughts on each of their lists. We;re not sure any of the retailers hit the nail on the head. We have pulled together our own list of the Hottest Toys of 2018 here.  Our list is constantly evolving. We add toys as they start to trend and will likely drop some as we get deeper into the holiday season. We have also been testing and comparing the toys in a series of live videos both on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Kids Steals & Deals Group. You can check out the videos we have done so far here.

2018 Hottest Toys Lists by Retailer
Walmart’s Top Rated By Kids List

Walmart’s list contains 40 items that were supposedly top rated by kid influencers (those are those YouTube channels your kids are obsessed with). They don’t really tell us what the other choices were, so it’s hard to know if they had a full field of toys to play with -OR- if they were offered toys that Walmart was betting big on. They have some toys that will for sure be super popular. They lack the toys that are currently very hard to find. From a marketing perspective, a list of toys that no one can actually find is kind of useless, so we see what they are doing here. Of the toys listed, we strongly agree that the Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex, the L.O.L Surprise Dollhouse, and the Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Rescue will all be popular for the holidays. Of them only the L.O.L Surprise Dollhouse is a “buy now”.

We strongly disagree that Fingerlings Big Hugs and Ryan’s Giant Mystery Eggs are must haves. Early feedback on the mystery egg is that it is full of cheap dollar store type prizes that are not worth the price tag. As far as Fingerlings Big Hugs, we’re just not buying the hype. The other toys on Walmart’s Hot Toy list for 2018 are just meh – sure some will be popular, but you’re not likely to be hunting them down come November. You can check out the whole list here.

Target’s Bullseye Top Toys 

Target’s Bullseye Top Toy list is also a little meh… It does include most of the same toys as Walmart and adds in some Target Exclusives. Their list does include Hatchimals Hatchibabies, which do have the possibility of reaching rockstar status, but the pre-orders have just recently loaded. Check out the whole list here.

Amazon’s Top 100 Toy List

Amazon’s list definitely includes some of the most popular toys and some toys we think make great holiday gifts. We love the littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Set, the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit & Magna-Tiles new Magna-Qubix for holiday gifts this year! At this point, we don’t think they will be hard to find sell outs, but we will be keeping a close watch. You can check out the full Amazon list here.

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Hardest to Find 2018 Hottest Toys

We absolutely have some toys that are proving to be top sellers very early in the holiday season. These are the toys that we are currently hunting down in our Kids Steals & Deals Facebook Group. All of the below toys are “buy now” if you find them in stock at retail either online or in stores.

Zuru Rainbocorns
Where to find Rainbocorns in stock. 2018 Hot Holiday Toys

Rainbocorns are plush animals with a flip sequin stomach. They come in an egg and the sequins on the stomach flip up to reveal a “secret message”. Both Amazon & Target had a August preorder for Rainbocorns that sold out very quickly. Since then, online restocks have been few and far between. A couple nights ago, Amazon had several available and each one sold out in minutes. We have not seen them at Walmart at all. The retail price of Rainbocorns is $24.99. We are seeing reseller prices up to $99. It’s definitely too soon to pay so much for a $25 toy. Amazon is selling them by color, so it is easier to order the one you want IF you can catch them. If you order from Target, you could get any of them.

Where to find Rainbocorns in stock

Step2 My First Snowman, Step2 My First Gingerbread House. Step2 My First Christmas Tree (Amazon + Walmart Exclusives)
Where to find Step2 My First Snowman in stock. Where to find Step 2 My First Christmas Tree in stock, Where to find Step2 My first gingerbread house in stock. 2018 Hottest Toys

These are toys that we were relieved that we caught early. Last year, the Step 2 My First Christmas Tree was one of the most difficult toys to pin down. By November it was impossible. When the Step 2 My First Snowman and the Step2 My First Gingerbread House first popped up a couple weeks ago, we KNEW they were going to be very popular. To add a little more excitement to the mix, Amazon & Walmart both offered retailer exclusives. You can check out more info about all of the Step2 Holiday Toys in our post here. After a couple days of restocks, the well went dry about a week ago. At this point we do not know how often they will restock, but the Step2 site does say there will be some available in November.

Where to find Step 2 My First Snowman in stock

The Step2 My First Snowman is the most popular of the Step2 Holiday Toys at the moment. It does feature lights and plays 3 songs.

Where to find Step 2 My First Gingerbread House in stock

The Step2 My First Gingerbread House also features lights and plays 3 songs.

Where to find Step2 My First Christmas Tree with lights and sound (Walmart Exclusive)

The Walmart Exclusive Step2 My First Christmas Tree is a darker green and features a light up star that plays 3 songs.

Where to find Step2 My First Christmas Tree with Bonus Ornaments (Amazon Exclusive)

The Amazon Exclusive My First Christmas Tree includes extra ornaments to decorate the tree with. It does not have lights or sound.

Where to find Step2 My First Christmas Tree

The original Step2 My First Christmas Tree has been in and out of stock pretty regularly. If you are sure you want a tree, we recommend grabbing the original as we do not know if or when the exclusives will restock.

L.O.L Surprise #OOTD Outfit of the Day Advent Calendar
Where to find L.O.L Surprise #OOTD Outfit of the Day Advent Calendar in stock

The L.O.L. Surprise #OOTD Outfit of the Day Advent Calendar is expected to be very difficult to find after the initial release.The first retailer to release it online in the US was Amazon. It sold out in just over 4 hours, which is a good indicator of how popular it is. For weeks the only lead we had was a sold out listing at Walmart. This week, they started popping up in Target stores on the West Coast and are slowly moving their way east. Many stores are not shelfing them yet, but you can ask them to pull from the back. We expect to osee them pop up elsewhere this week. When they do, your best shot of getting notification is in our Facebook group here.

It’s important to note that the LOL Surprise #OOTD Outfit of the Day Advent Calendar retail price is $29.99. Resellers are currently selling for as much as $85. Since they have not stocked online yet, it is far too early to pay inflated prices. For more kids Advent Calendar options, check out our full post here.

Where to find L.O.L Surprise #OOTD Advent Calendar in stock

Don’t Step In It Unicorn Edition
Where to find Don't Step In It Unicorn Edition in stock

Don’t Step In It is one of the most popular games out there right now. Basically you have to move along the game board (on the floor) and step in the fewest “poop” piles to win. Add unicorn poop in the mix and you have board game gold it appears. The retail price is $19.99 and it consistently sells out within 24 hours of a restock. This is an Amazon Exclusive, which means it will not be found in stores.

Where to find Don’t Step In It Unicorn Edition in stock

Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn
Where to find Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn in stock

This one continues to baffle us, but it just goes to show you that unicorn + slime + poop = Hot Holiday Toy. Poopsie’s retail price is $49.99. So far Poopsie has spent more time out of stock than in and she is becoming increasingly harder to find in store. There are two styles available, each with two possible dolls – you don’t get a choice.

Where to find Poopsie Rainbow Bright Star or Oopsie Starlight in stock

Where to find Poopsie Dazzle Darling or Whoopsie Doodle

My Life as Jojo Siwa 18″ Poseable Doll 
New My Life as Jojo Doll Clothing Set My Life as Jojo Candy Shop Play Set

Last week, a NEW My Life As Jojo Doll was offered in a preorder that lasted about 6 hours. There is also a Clothing Set and Candy Shop Play Set is coming to Walmart for the holidays! We are hoping for restocks, but in the meantime all 3 items have stocked in several Walmart stores. The Outfit Set and My Life as Jojo Candy Shop have not loaded at all yet, including for store pick up. This line is exclusive to Walmart.

Where to find My Life As Jojo in stock

What are the newest toys?

We did see a couple of new toy preorders and releases this week. The following will likely be popular and are worthy of a preorder or grabbing in store if you see them. It’s too early to know if any of these will end up on the 2018 hottest toys list.

Hatchimals Hatchibabies

This could be the big Hatchimals come back. Hatchibabies are Hatchimals that never grow up. In true Spinmaster fashion, there are preorders, but no pictures or descriptions of the animal combos. The Walmart Exclusive Koalabee has already sold out for shipping (grab it if you have it available for store pick up). Target has an exclusive Monkiwi. Amazon’s exclusive Hatchibabies is a Chipadee.

Where to find Hatchibabies in stock

L.O.L Surprise Live Interactive Pets
Where to find L.O.L Surprise live interactive in stock

L.O.L Surprise Live Interactive Pets are another new Holiday toy release. Live Surprise Pets respond to touch and sound with over 60 different reactions. Their retail price is $24.99 and there are 3 pets available. In addition to the 3 pets available elsewhere, Target also has an exclusive Royal Kitty Live Interactive Pet. Other than Royal Kitty, there is no choice in pet.

Where to find L.O.L. Surprise Live Interactive Pets

Pikmi Pops Flips & Pikmi Pops Giant Flips
Where to find Pikmi Pops Flips and Pikmi Pops Giant Flips in stock

The new Pikmi Pops Flips popped up at Amazon and Walmart this week! The smaller retail for $9.99 and have 12 different plush animals to collect. The Pikmi Giant Flips retail for $49.99 – there are currently 3 available. Target will have an exclusive Unicorn Pikmi Giant Flips, but it is not available yet. 

Where to find Pikmi Pops Flips in stock

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